Welcome to Srimantha, An organization focused on the upliftment of society at an individual & institutional level by developing financial intelligence. Our aim is to provide the right instruments and knowledge to enable financial freedom at an affordable cost to lead a rich and prosperous life.

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About Us

Srimantha means Rich in Kannada. Richness is of various types and many forms – like one can be Rich in Wealth, Rich in knowledge, Spiritually Rich, Healthily Rich etc.. Our organization Believes in the overall development of a person to be Rich in all of the above and works towards making every individual a Srimantha. We believe that all the different forms of Srimanthike (Richness) are so closely woven and knit that each one of them factors and balances one another. We thrive towards imparting the required education and awareness by exercising the methodical approach and by providing the right instruments to make an individual a strong Srimantha.

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Priyaram Bindiganavile (Ram) - the founder and Chief Market Strategist of “Srimantha”, is an engineer by education, an Avid traveler & a National Level Basketball Player by enthusiasm, A Successful Trader and a Trainer by Passion.  The philanthropist in him has made him a founding member of an NGO and is the major driver behind conducting free trainings on financial management to thousands of young and seasoned minds.Ram’s 10+ years of trading experience combined with his experience of confronting his personal financial mistakes and wrong doings has made him a financial expert. He has learnt the secret of getting Rich and has mastered the art of financial management and wealth creation. He is also mentored by some of the best in the world. 

After going through all the ups and downs, hardships, trainings, mentoring etc. at huge costs, he has taken up the mission to impart the knowledge to one and all at a very affordable cost and in a very simplified manner.

Founder’s Message


Experiences shared by some of the students who attended the Financial programs.

Abhiram Bharadwaj

I, Abhiram Bharadwaj, attended Financial Education children Program conducted by Priyaram Sir in the month of October 2020. I learnt very new concepts which are not part of our academics or something nobody tend to share with children of our age group. Topics like Asset, Liabilities, Currency, Money, Cryptocurrency were discussed in the learning program. Thank you very much Priyaram Sir for letting us know about these basic financial concepts.

Mr. Nagaraj

Nagaraj sharing his experience after attending Zero to Hero program conducted  recently by Srimantha.

Mr. Manjunath V

I, Manjunath, privleged to be part of Mentorship Program conducted during November 2020 to Jan 2021. The program covered wide range of topics with respect to stock market trading. It was a very well designed program helping the targeted audience to gain utmost confidence in stock market trading world. Topics range from Technical Indicators to Risk to Reward ratio. Profound interest shown by the trainer, Priyaram Sir, in covering all the topics is commendable.

All recommendations, reports or trainings on website and through any other channel are based on personal observations and are for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for any losses or profits made by traders or anyone. You are advised to take your position with your sense and judgment. For investment and trades, consult your financial advisor. The amount received for any course is not refundable. If you want to sign-up for any course or service, one should agree to our disclaimer.