The Ultimate Commodity Course

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This Course includes

Your Instructor: Priyaram Bindiganavile

 40+ Chapters in the course

 20+ Lessons

 1800+ min

Complimentary Stage 1 course and Stage 2 course

SRIMANTHA aims to provide a thorough understanding and exposure to the Commodity & Currency Markets so that you can make better trading decisions with Fine tuned adaptive trading strategy. SRIMANTHA has invested thousands of hours as efforts in learning, R & D, and Testing the techniques in the live market, to bring in this bundled course at affordable cost. With additional Stage 1 & Stage 2 as complementary.

Instruction Language: Kannada

Validity: 12 Months

What you'll learn

Comprehensive Commodity & Currency Course

The Ultimate Commodity Course

The Complete Currency Course

Stage 1

Stage 2


Basic of Charting or Stage 1 & Stage 2

Basic Computer Usage
Knowledge of Internet Browsing
Good Internet Connection
Willingness to Learn

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