To make people RICH FOREVER !!!


To make people Rich by providing Quality Financial Education, 

in their Regional Language, at an Affordable Cost and 

in Simplified Manner

About Us

Srimantha means Richin Kannada Language. Richness is of various types and many forms – like one can be Rich in Wealth, Rich in Knowledge, Spiritually Rich, Healthily Rich etc. Our organization believes in the overall development of a person to be Rich in all of the above and work towards making every individual a Srimantha. We believe that all the different forms of Srimanthike (Richness) are so closely woven and knit that each one of them, factors and balances one another. 

We thrive towards imparting the required education and awareness through unique approaches and system which will help you understand the complex financial world in a simplified and straight way at very affordable costs and in regional languages to reach out to the masses.

We also believe in providing the right instruments which will enable the individual to become a strong Srimantha and spread the best practices to remain Rich Forever

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The Birth

Srimantha - is the brainchild of Priyaram Bindiganavile (Ram) who is also the Chief Market Strategist in the organisation. All was merry and hay, until one day while sitting on a couch flipping through the magazine sipping the Filter coffee, he stuck upon an article which showed the India’s top ten Billionaires. The list was no different from last year. This made him think why the Rich remain Rich, Middle Class remain Middle Class & Poor remain Poor. A deep dive into this revealed that it is all about lack of financial intelligence and our psychological upbringing. Thus, was born Srimanthato address these gaps in our education system and to clear the inhibitions we have developed on Stock Market, financial management, Psychology and Wealth creation.

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What we do

  • Stock Market Training – Online and Classroom
  • Regular Market Analysis – YouTube and Facebook
  • Children’s Programs
  • Career Programs in areas of Finance and Stock Market
  • Financial Services like Portfolio Management and Robotic Trading
  • Philanthropical Services in areas of Individual Enablement.


We are a team of people with a purpose, a purpose to educate, enable everyone to become SRIMANTHA and create a meaningful life experience for all.

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Mr. Ganesh

Mr. Praveen

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Mr. Janardhana