Stage 1: Becoming an Adaptive Trader - The Most Important Lessons in Stock Market and a Basic Introduction to Trading

This is stage 1 of our 5-stage "Become a Complete Adaptive Trader" course

This Course includes

Your Instructor: Priyaram Bindiganavile

 10 Chapters in the Stage

29 Lessons

624 min of Content

Instruction Language: Kannada

Validity: 6 Months

What you'll learn


 About Srimantha

Courses offered in Stock Market

 Your Trainer

 Secrets of the RICH

 Money vs Currency

 Path of the Rich (Groundnut Story)

 Need for Financial Intelligence

 The Secret (Pot Theory)

 Sources of Income (Merits/Demerits)

 Introduction to Stock Market

 Sheep Pyramid

 What is Share Market

 Share Market Terminologies -1

 Share Market Terminologies -2

 Strategies (Long/Short/Intra Day)

 Basics of Technical Analysis

Chart Movement & Duration



 Candlestick Patterns


 Long Term Strategy


 Risk Management Principles

 Risk Management

 Risk to Reward Ratio

 IntraDay Strategy

 Bull Trades

 Bear Trades


 Screener Demo

 Platform & Order Demo

 Paper Trade


  • Basic Knowledge about computer usage.
  • Knowledge of internet browsing.
  • Good internet connection.
  • Willing to Learn.